The Journey: stories from the road — and beyond.

It’s only been a few months since we launched, and we’ve been growing rapidly and enlisting your help. You’re driving our efforts, and together we’re already making a big difference!

We’ll be sharing updates every few months so you can see the impact we’re having and what’s coming. As always, keep sharing your ideas! We’re constantly listening, to make HiRoad even better. See you on the way up!


Customer’s driving

Six months after going live, we have some fun stats about our Rhode Island customers:

HiRoad customers discount and trip distance data

Average customer driving scores:

HiRoad customers driving scores


We’re growing in Rhode Island

9 in 10 HiRoaders have been referring friends and family! Because of you, we’ve had strong growth since our launch party. On your commutes and in your communities, you’re leading a mindful movement!   

Refer a Friend


Community impact

Building partnerships is part of building the HiRoad, and we’ve gotten to work with a bunch of great Rhode Island nonprofits already, like Social Enterprise Greenhouse (and their Best for Rhode Island initiative). We’ve also donated to the PVD Lady Project, Millennial RI, and United Way of Rhode Island’s Young Leaders Circle in exchange for their feedback on HiRoad.

HiRoad community partners


Creating with customers

Since our very first focus groups, our approach has been “we’re building the HiRoad together.” These are two of the many points you’ve brought up that have guided our work:

  • Theme 1: Treat me as I deserve
  • Theme 2: Show me how to save

Got ideas? Email us!


Customer care

Average customer satisfaction rating: 98%!

“Honestly enjoying checking my driving skills and working at raising my scores and savings!”

“Am just finding this company and already love it.. chat was super nice.”



If you were in an accident, would you know what to do afterward?


“Recently, I was in an accident … However, my experience with my specialist, Ryan and his team made the experience better. All questions I had were answered and the customer service I received was incredible.” –Naomi, Woonsocket


Stay tuned for more as we continue to learn and grow. Upward!