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HiRoad, mindfulness, and New Year’s resolutions.

New Year’s eve is right around the corner — can you believe it’s almost 2019 already? We can’t either! Time sure flies when you’re reinventing insurance, and we have a lot to be grateful for. 

Gratitude & one year of HiRoad.

Like many of you, at HiRoad a lot of us are reflecting on what we’re thankful for this time of year. Family, friends, and health get mentioned a lot around our offices!

HiRoad LoDown: All I need is liability coverage, right?

Wait, what is liability coverage? It’s 4:30 p.m. on a Tuesday, and you have a little downtime before you’re going to head home from work. You remember the last time you were paying your bills, you realized you wanted to see if you could save money on car insurance.

Here’s what an A.M. Best rating means.

Let’s say you’re shopping online for insurance, and you see a little badge on the insurance company’s website: “A rated by A.M. Best.” Well that sounds good, you think . . . but what exactly does it mean? 

Easy auto insurance quote with HiRoad.

You’re making your to-do list for the week and know your insurance went up recently, so you squint with one eye (and a little dread) “get auto insurance quote”.

First-time car insurance purchase: #adulting101.

It’s finally time for my first-time car insurance purchase.   Adulting starts right after high school graduation and hits hard when you sign your first lease or pick your first health care plan. 

What is mindful driving?

Three senses of mindfulness. “Mindful” is one of those terms that can sound a little precious or New Agey. 

Louder & Prouder with RI Pride.

This month, like every June since the 1970’s, people all over the world will show support and celebrate the LGBTQ community and the immense work that’s been done to foster equality.

HiRoad and the story of insurance.

Insurance was a great idea. “Wait, what?” you say. “You mean, great idea like the printing press, or penicillin, or indoor plumbing?

The 3 meanings of HiRoad.

An inside peek at the brand. Have you ever had to come up with a name for a company? Or maybe an event, a product, or anything else?

Best for Rhode Island & HiRoad.

In the Community: Best for Rhode Island At HiRoad®, we believe people make good choices every day and should be recognized and rewarded for them.