Insurance, reinvented to reward you.

With HiRoad® you can help your wallet and the world through the simple act of driving well.

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We see you for you.

You're a good driver. So we’re reinventing car insurance to recognize and reward the good choices you're making.
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It’s fast and easy.

Get a quote from your phone in just minutes, join HiRoad, and then download the app.
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You save up to 50%.

We use the smarts in your smartphone to accurately sense good driving — so you can save up to 50% each month.

We’re re-inventing insurance to put you in control. Our app measures your good driving to give you monthly discounts, and put you in charge of your price.

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See how good drivingpays off.

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Designed for good. Built to last.

We’re here in Rhode Island to reward safe driving, leading to longer, happier lives, and a better future for all of us. Here’s how it’ll work:

Strong roots

HiRoad® is a separate company in the State Farm® family of companies. We’re fully licensed, A-rated and here to stay.

Solid connections

We’re working with local nonprofits to build a better tomorrow, on the road and around your town.

Secure details

We use 256-bit end-to-end encryption, rigorously tested data centers, and more to protect your info.