HiRoad LoDown: How does roadside assistance work?

Roadside assistance

Roadside assistance. It’s easy to add and surprisingly affordable.


As you’re passing a construction site, there’s some debris in the road and you feel a bump. You pull over — flat tire! You’re nowhere near a gas station. What do you do? Did you plan ahead with roadside assistance coverage? It’s 10:30 p.m. and you’re on your way home from the movies.

You could start walking towards a gas station. You could call a friend to help. Or, if you’ve thought ahead, you can rely on roadside assistance.

Of the options, the one that spares your roommate the late-night hassle is to purchase a roadside assistance plan. With it, you always have a helping hand at the ready — 24/7 — should you have a problem on the road. While there are many options, often the best choice is to buy the plan that’s attached to your insurance policy. While roadside assistance is an optional addition, it’s easy to add and surprisingly affordable.


Also worth pointing out, roadside assistance will help with more than just towing. (Of course, if you need a tow, it will pay to move your car to the nearest repair facility or another location of similar distance, like your home.) In some cases your car can be repaired on the spot – which is also covered by your roadside assistance coverage. So, no matter the common problem, roadside assistance will cover them:

  • Mobile battery service
  • Emergency gas delivery
  • Locksmith
  • Minor mechanical issues
  • Tire changing/inflating
  • Towing


At HiRoad®, we’ve taken the coverage one step further to make getting help simple. When something goes wrong, you can select the “incident” tab to be connected to a roadside service partner, who will send help immediately.

What’s more, similar to your favorite rideshare app, in many cases you can access a live map of the tow truck heading to you.

Bottom line, we can’t control what will happen; you never know when your car might have a problem. But you can be prepared, and roadside assistance cannot only solve most common issues but also deliver peace of mind while you’re on the road.