Rhode Islanders on the road.

How do Rhodies behave behind the wheel? Here’s what we heard from you.

At HiRoad, we talk to a lot of people about driving. One of the things we’ve noticed is that people tend to have a lot of faith in their own driving abilities, but often believe that others are poor drivers. It’s an interesting puzzle. So to solve this puzzle, we decided to get some evidence about Rhode Island drivers’ attitudes.

So, earlier this year we wrote up a handful of questions and conducted a survey with Qualtrics. In the end, we received 638 responses from drivers all around the state, and crunched the data. (For easier comparison with your peers, we divided respondents into two groups, “young drivers” (18-34), and “mature drivers” (35-older).

The results are fascinating and simply cried out “Infographic!”

HiRoad 2018 Survey infographic

Here are some of our favorite findings about Rhode Island drivers:

Are you a good driver?
Almost all Rhode Island drivers surveyed thought so (96% of young drivers and 92% of mature drivers).

Are you a better driver?
The overwhelming majority of young drivers (76%) believe they are better drivers than most other people. 78% of mature drivers feel the same way.

Do you have faith in others on the road?
While respondents may have faith in themselves, they don’t feel the same about others on the road. Only 26% of young drivers and 14% of mature drivers believe other RI drivers are good drivers.

Are you an aggressive driver?
Young drivers are much more willing to self-rate themselves as aggressive compared to mature drivers.

Are you obeying hands free laws in RI?
Since being mindful is a key part of taking the HiRoad, we’re excited to report that nearly half of the young drivers reported using Do Not Disturb settings while driving.

Are you a mindful driver?
74% of RI self-reported “mindful drivers” believed that other Rhode Islanders are good drivers. However, only 14% of those who don’t self-identify as mindful drivers believe that other Rhode Islanders are good drivers.

Should Rhode Island install more traffic cameras?
Young RI drivers are nearly twice as likely (41%) than mature drivers (26%) to want more traffic cameras installed.

Are RI traffic cameras fair?
55% of young drivers surveyed believe that traffic cameras are more than fair, compared to only 40% of mature drivers.

Green cars?
Young drivers are 3x more likely to drive an alternative fuel car than mature drivers.

Can you drive a stick shift?
Young drivers are 2.3x more likely to drive a stick shift.

Does your car have a name?
45% of young drivers surveyed have named their cars, compared to only 23% of mature drivers.

The most commonly reported risky driving behaviors:

  • Going more than 5 miles over the speed limit
  • Using a phone for something related to the trip, like maps
  • Speeding up to beat a yellow light at an intersection
  • Eating while driving

Top 3 attributes associated with good drivers:

  • Following all traffic rules
  • Being mindful
  • Being skilled and confident behind the wheel

Drivers surveyed believe these are the top 5 factors that increase the chance of an accident:

  • Drunk driving
  • Distractions
  • Breaking the rules
  • Driving while tired
  • Inexperience

We find this stuff pretty interesting, and we’ve been debating internally about which of the data points is most surprising. We all have our opinions, but we’re curious, which one caught your eye?