Mindful tips for making life’s major transitions easier.

Life is filled with big, exciting milestones. But major transitions often come with inevitable stress… luckily mindful choices can make both easier.

Diving into the deep end for the first time. Going from middle school to high school with the wrong hair. Prom! A few of the biggest moments, what we’ll call ‘The Big Three,’ are graduating from college, getting married and having a baby. There are a few obvious ways your life will be changed by each of these events. For example, when you graduate college, you’ll move back in with your parents because their fridge still has the best snacks. Just kidding. When you graduate from college, you’ll immediately be expected to ace adulting 101 with a new job and a new place, all your own. When you get married, you’ll likely move into a house or an apartment with your spouse and master the art of sharing a bathroom. And when you have a baby, you’ll likely become intimately acquainted with a diaper pail.

And in case tackling any one of those things seems daunting, we’ve got a few mindful tips to help ease the transition (and your pain).

Mindful tips for college grads:

Move to an affordable city: You don’t have to move to NY, LA, San Francisco or Seattle to start your career. Find a livable city with good career opportunities and affordable housing so that you’ll be able to save money every year and start building your nest egg. Check out this list of the best cities for new college grads.

Focus on passions: With your degree in hand, it’s time to start working on your career. While we don’t want to overwhelm – remember that a career lasts a lifetime (or for a long while anyway). Regardless of what major you graduated with, or what type of job you’re considering, try to make the industry, the position or both, fit with your interests. Creating a career path where you can make an impact is just part of the equation to living a sustainable lifestyle.

Practice work-life balance: When people start their first job, there’s a tendency to focus 100% on working. Or, the exact opposite. Don’t be all about work, or too little about work. While both have their merits, there’s something to be said for a balance between the two. Focusing on work while you’re working and play while you’re playing (aka being in the moment) is a life skill worth mastering early on, and finding balance between work and play will be more sustainable to your mental, emotional and physical well-being in the long run.

Mindful tips for marriage:

Consolidate Debts: No one likes to examine their debts but it’s better to get everything out in the open now than to find out your partner has a ton of hidden debt later. Figure out how much combined debt you have and explore whether it makes to consolidate it. Hint: It usually does.

Combine bank accounts: OK, you don’t have to combine bank accounts. Many couples don’t. But it does make accounting easier. At the very least, make sure your partner is the beneficiary on all of your accounts in case something was to happen to you.

Write your wills: It may seem like it’s way too early, and a relic from your parents’ generation, but writing a will can give you peace of mind for years to come. The good news is you don’t need an expensive estate attorney. There a number of apps, including this one, that make the whole process easier than ever.

Combine auto insurance: Chances are you and your fiance have different auto insurance policies, but combining auto insurance can often result in money saved. It’s easy to see if this is the case for you by getting a quote from HiRoad. Click here to get started.

Mindful tips for baby:

Avoid distracted driving: Driving with a baby in the back is different than driving solo. You’ll be tempted to turn around, or look in the rearview mirror, every other second to make sure your newborn is alive and well. But looking in the back seat means you’re not paying close attention to the road. Stay focused and drive safely. That’s the best way to make sure your kids are safe.

 Invest in a safe car seat: Not all car seats are created equal. When it comes to your baby’s car seat, you want one that will best protect your little bundle of joy. Here are the 10 best car seats according to Safety.com.

Buy life insurance: It may seem early but buying a ‘whole life’ insurance policy for your child can be a smart move. According to NerdWallet, the cash value of a life insurance account will grow over the years offering a savings vehicle and your child may be qualified to own more life insurance later in life.

Whether you’re graduating from college, getting married or having a baby, making mindful choices along the way will save you time and money and ultimately make life’s journey much more enjoyable.