How does insurance work? Glad you asked.

We heard you: insurance can be confusing. You often don’t know what they’re talking about, or what you’re paying for. So at HiRoad® we’re here to help.

Coverages 101

See how coverages work.

We want you to understand what you have, what you’re paying for, and what kind of help you can count on in a situation. Scroll through to see different scenarios, and click a card to get more on that topic.

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Claims overhauled for you.

This is how things should work. A dedicated rep with a 360 view of your account means no repeating things, and consistency from initial report to final repair. And a digital process and service network means things get settled fast.

We get the info

You can file your claim conveniently through the HiRoad App, or if you prefer, by calling us. Once we receive your claim information, a dedicated Claim Specialist will follow up so you'll know what to expect.

We get you there

We can arrange a ride for you so you can get on your way! Rental Car coverage provides up to $40 a day ($1200 max) for renting a car or ride-sharing.

We get your car fixed

We validate the shop’s estimate of the damage, and work on your behalf to resolve things successfully.

We follow up

You don’t have to wait around; your dedicated claims specialist will reach out if they have any questions.

See how good driving pays off.

See your price in just a few minutes. Already have insurance? We make switching easy.

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Behavior based discounts, personalized service, simple explanations, and everything right there on your phone.

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It pays to be you.

We think good driving should be celebrated and rewarded every month. So we built our business model that way.

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The power of choice.

For us, success means helping Rhode Island communities by incentifying smart driving. But that’s just the beginning.

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