Your driving and discount rewards during the stay-at-home-order.

As we change our routines in response to the CDC’s guidance to stay at home (outside of essential work and errands), we’re driving a lot less. Individuals and businesses are adjusting to these new realities.


At HiRoad, we’re adjusting too and working to make sure our customers understand how the app works in light of new conditions.

Here’s what you need to know about continuing to earn rewards during the stay-at-home period.


1. Don’t fret if your price seems wonky early in your billing cycle.

Early in a new month after your last bill, your app is using your last cycle of driving to project your reward for the next period. As time goes on, it’s updating based on your actual daily driving behavior for the current month.


2. Driving less will help your rewards.

Your Driving Amount score is one of the biggest factors in your discount because the less you drive, the less risk you have of getting into an accident. By the end of the month, this element of your discount will become clearer.

TIP: It’s still a good practice to start up your car outside every few days.
Even if you don’t go anywhere, or just make quick errands for needed groceries, running the engine helps keep the insides lubricated and ensures your battery stays fresh.


3. Keep up with your good driving habits.

Driving less is only part of the equation. Because you’ll have so few trips to score, it’s important you drive carefully on the trips you do take. In a normal month, the app looks at a wide array of trips and your actions are averaged into your subscore and the resulting discount. With fewer trips, there’s less to consider.

Think of it like a semester of school with a few quizzes versus a ton of projects, papers, and tests. Your final grade is heavily weighted on those few quizzes rather than the distributed scores of all the normal assignments.

So for the few drives you do take, pay extra attention to:

  1. Smooth Braking
  2. Gradual Acceleration
  3. Safe Speeds
  4. Gentle Corning


4. Take a breather.

Everything we’re all going through is intense. And although we don’t know all of your individual circumstances, we know this is tough across the board.

Make sure you’re taking a breather for your well-being during this time. Below are our team’s top tips to give your mind a break.

  1. Step away from screens a few times a day and chat with a friend or open a book. Research shows this can improve your sleep and deepen connections, along with other benefits.
  2. When you get in your car to take care of a short errand or give the engine a bit of a run, breathe deeply and tell yourself you will drive with focus and avoid distractions.
  3. Think of someone else and show them a bit of kindness. The possibilities are endless, but some of our favorites are: call a neighbor to check on them; send a card to a faraway friend or relative; ask a senior if they need help with groceries. It helps relieve stress when we focus on someone else.

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Thanks for being HiRoaders and we hope you stay well and positive.