What it means to take the high road.

Taking the high road is at the core of what HiRoad® was built on (see more on the three meanings of HiRoad).

But we’re not here to tell you how to live; we’re here to reward and celebrate the good choices you’re already making.

 Sure, to take the high road with our car insurance means making smart driving choices that help you avoid accidents and make your community a better place to commute. But, what does taking the high road mean to you? We asked a few folks around Providence and here’s what they said.

Roberto- take the high road

“Taking the high road means understanding the situation and still taking the best option so everyone involved is respected and feels like they were heard.”

– Roberto, Johnston


Crystal, take the high road.

“Taking the high road is being yourself no matter the circumstance. We all have sunshine that we can share with the world if we have the courage to put ourselves out there.”

– Crystal, Providence


Illianes- take the high road

“Taking the high road means taking a better route to get to a better outcome.”

– Illianes, North Providence


Alex- take the high road

For me, taking the high road is all about being the best version of yourself and looking at life from an optimistic standpoint. To take the high road, I am mindful and present and try to add value to others wherever possible in my work life or personal life.”

– Alex, Providence


It might mean something slightly different to everybody, and that’s okay. The theme we hear is around thoughtful choices. We’re glad to be supporting you in your pursuits.