Five reasons we’re reinventing insurance.

We’ve been asked why we’re reinventing insurance. Here are the answers.


1. To help society in a big way.

Since everyone has to have insurance, by reinventing insurance to promote safer driving, we aim to reduce car accidents, which are a leading cause of death for people in their 20s and 30s.

2. To tackle a longstanding challenge with the business.

Insurance was a great idea: a bunch of us chip in a little money, so that if something bad happens to you, you can rebuild, repair, and get your life back to normal. But there’s always been a key drawback: there was no way to recognize people’s behavior in real time. With technology and HiRoad®, now you don’t just pay based on things that are difficult or impossible to change, like your age, zip code, or claims history. Now, monthly price results from your choices, like how much and how well you drive so we can recognize smart behavior and good driving in real time, we can treat you as you deserve.


3. To unite customer, community, and company benefits.
One of the best things about our new model is that what’s good for you is also good for those around you, and for us. Rewards for safe driving mean you have more money for the things that matter to you. More people driving well also means fewer injuries, deaths, and traffic delays in your town. And finally, it means a sustainable business for us.

4. To bring to life our vision of the future of insurance.

Some of our key people met while working on a special project to imagine what insurance would look like ten years from now. The combination of their ideas from data science, insurance, marketing, and technology led to the idea that became HiRoad.


5. To realize an idea whose time and technology have come.

Five or ten years ago, HiRoad would have been possible only in theory. But now that smartphones are all around us, the potential to recognize smart driving in real time is here. Just by using the GPS, accelerometer, and gyroscope already built into your smartphone, we can see your driving patterns, and reward you for driving well each month.



Source: Leading causes of death via the CDC.