Mindful driving pays off over time.

Drive like the whole world is watching.

If you pay attention to how you drive, you can make a real impact on your wallet, community and planet. Good practices like avoiding cell phone use, accelerating and driving smoothly, braking with finesse and being courteous to other drivers all make a positive difference.

If you don’t pay attention, you end up doing things like driving slow in the fast lane with your left blinker on or weaving in and out of lanes without enough time to react to changes.

The infographic below covers some of the many benefits you’ll experience by driving more mindfully: improving your scores, increasing your monthly discount and helping contribute to a safer community and lower carbon footprint.

Promoting mindful driving is what HiRoad is all about, so we are excited to share it.

Even if you don’t notice big changes everyday, it’s important to know how your choices can make the world a nicer place to drive.