Drive away distraction
with a new habit.

Navigation systems, smart dashboards and cell phones help keep us informed and connected, but lessen our driving awareness if we focus on them instead of the road.

The number one culprit: your phone! It’s well documented that phone use while driving leads to distractions, and unfortunately, a high risk of accidents, injuries and deaths.

Mindful driving is habit forming

Three main types of distractions can take your focus off the road. Visual (you look away talk to a passenger or check your phone), manual (you reach for the glove compartment, a beverage or your phone—see the pattern here?), and cognitive (you daydream, get sleepy or, wait for it… listen for an incoming text on your phone).

You can choose a cradle, magnetic mount or other holding gadget to keep your phone out of your hands. But a dashboard solution is just the start.

Commit to a mindful habit each time you get in your car (or before for extra brownie points 👍) by creating mental and visual reminders, such as:

  • A note by your ignition, on your phone holder or near your control panel: Check do-not-disturb setting
  • Short mantra said to self three times: “Focus on driving”
  • Sticker on dashboard: 📵

Head to your Settings for success

Set your phone to Do Not Disturb While Driving for iOS or Do Not Disturb for Android devices.

Whether you have an iOS or Android phone, such as a Pixel or Galaxy, you can use your controls to silence your ride and improve your attention.

Many phone models still allow you to receive emergency calls or urgent notifications. The key factor is to concentrate on your driving and let social pings wait for off-road moments.

Two more hints for the road (and off)

When you need to interact with your phone, you can do it with safety in mind. Pull into a parking lot or onto a neighborhood street, stop your car and then access your phone. Or use voice commands to call, send a text or help you with navigation.

At HiRoad, we’re here to help you be your best and mindful self. When you focus on the road ahead, you make things better for you and those around you. We appreciate all the good things you do to avoid distractions and drive like a true HiRoader.