Hi, Rhode Island. We’re car insurance reinvented for good.

This news isn’t new to the growing numbers of customers we’ve been serving in Rhode Island. But, below is the release that went out in February 2018 to help announce the launch of HiRoad® car insurance in RI. For any media inquiries, please email Press@HiRoad.com


HiRoad car insurance launches in Rhode Island, promoting mindful driving and lower bills each month.

Insurance reinvented to recognize, reward, and empower drivers’ good choices.

Providence, RI  – HiRoad Assurance Company, a new behavior-based car insurance company, is now available in Rhode Island. The company believes that good driving should be rewarded to benefit people making better choices and inspire others to follow suit.

Before technology was woven into our daily lives, there were limited ways for insurance to recognize positive choices in real-time. Seeing this opportunity, HiRoad created a new smartphone-centric approach where monthly insurance rates are controlled by actual behavior and designed to reward better choices related to driving style and frequency. Driving behavior and activity rewards could earn customers up to a 50% discount off their monthly base premium rate, while helping create safer commutes and communities. It’s car insurance reinvented to recognize and reward better choices.

“Insurance is one of humanity’s great inventions,” said Eric Dahl, VP of Marketing at HiRoad, “but before smartphones, there were limited ways to recognize and reward positive choices. Our model addresses this issue. By rewarding people for smarter decisions, we want to help create a better world. We think of it as the world’s first motivational insurance.”


HiRoad highlights:
  • Empowers customers to lower their bill by as much as 50% each month.
  • Gives a 25% discount for the first month right up front.
  • The quote and sign-up process takes just a few minutes.
  • Switching is quick and easy with a dedicated Customer Care team available to help.
  • Help customers become better drivers with in-app feedback and tips.
  • HiRoad is fully licensed, and financially A-rated by A.M. Best.
  • Currently serving Rhode Island.

“We wanted to develop an insurance company that not only empowers our customers, but also delivers a greater impact by making communities safer,” said Steve Harris, Vice President at HiRoad. “There are a lot of people out there who are already making good choices about how they live and drive. We knew we could inspire more positive behavior with these people, and maybe others, with the right model. It’s about helping your wallet and the world.”

In addition to discounts drivers can earn based on their driving habits, HiRoad offers challenges that reward them for acting on specific mindful driving tips, like reduced speed or braking distance improvements. The HiRoad app incorporates technology that tracks and measures how drivers accelerate, brake, corner and more, while clearly displaying how performance impacts the next month’s bill. Every month, drivers get a fresh start and can keep driving their rate down. 


About HiRoad

HiRoad is reinventing insurance to recognize and reward the good choices people make every day, so they can lower their bill and benefit those around them. We’re starting with car insurance, and we’re offering a different approach than a traditional policy. Using leading edge technology, we provide our customers real-time feedback on their driving so they can drive down their rate and help build a world where doing right pays off for everyone.

HiRoad began selling policies in 2017 and is now available to all of Rhode Island. Established as a separate company in the State Farm® family of companies, our primary office is in Rhode Island.

For more about us, please visit HiRoad.com.