Buy car insurance online with HiRoad

Don’t forget, you can buy car insurance online – and quick.


There you are, filling out the paperwork for your new car at the dealership. They’ve taken your license and address info, you’ve figured out the payment plan . . . and then they look up from their screen, and says “Proof of insurance?”

In a panic, you wonder if you can buy car insurance online, straight from your phone. Then you remember your friend’s comment the other day:


“I got HiRoad insurance, in under five minutes right on my phone — and I was covered the same day!”


So you pull up, zip through the quote, and drive out with your new wheels before closing time! While we set up our online quote to be extremely quick and easy, we did want to mention a few things you might want to know when you’re buying car insurance online:


Nine things to keep in mind when you buy car insurance online

    1. A few minutes now can save you a lot of time later. Yes, we know insurance jargon can be tedious and confusing! And we know thinking about insurance isn’t everyone’s favorite activity. But learning about the right coverages for you will make a big difference if you ever have a claim. (Also, you can chat our Customer Care team right from a screen in the quote with specific questions.)
    2. Is this my real price? The quote you got online is the accurate price, based upon all the info you provided and the coverage you selected that’s right for you. With some other companies, you have to call to get more specific than an estimate, or an intro rate may change later. With HiRoad, your monthly base rate is always the same when you purchase, and then your rewards are up to you and your good driving.
    3. Have your VIN and current insurance info handy. If you’re buying online for a car already registered to you, you can likely zoom through in minutes just by putting in your name, address, and date of birth to pull up your car. For a new car to you, HiRoad makes things easier by letting you get a quote with just the year, make, model, and series, but to actually buy, you’ll need the VIN of your car. And your current insurance info helps you compare options correctly. (For example, HiRoad offers annual policies with monthly billing; some other companies have six-month policies.)
    4. Think about anyone else who regularly drives your car. Whether it’s a spouse, partner, sibling, roommate, or nanny, you’ll need to list all the regular drivers of your car.
    5. If you’re switching, get your new insurance and then cancel your old one. This helps you avoid any gaps. While unfortunately, we can’t do this for you, we can point out that you should ask for a pro-rated refund on any money you’ve prepaid with the insurance you’re canceling.
    6. SR-22 or GU-1338 forms will affect your eligibility with certain insurance companies. An SR-22 is needed if you’ve had major violations; a GU-1338 is for someone who’s under 18 and wants to register a car in their own name without a parent. With either of these cases, other companies will take these people, but HiRoad currently doesn’t insure drivers who require these forms.
    7. Can I buy insurance with HiRoad completely online? Yes! But if you need help with your quote, we have chat, email, and phone Customer Care available. (Chat also includes translation service, so even if English isn’t your first language, it still works!)
    8. If you have a loan for your car, check with your bank about the deductible. Many financing institutions require you to have a maximum $500 deductible (versus $1,000 if you own the car).
    9. If you have a loan for your car, you’ll also want that bank name and address handy. You’ll need to enter that info to get your insurance.

There’s a lot more we could talk about, but these are some key basics to keep in mind. So now you should be set to buy car insurance online with confidence. And, just shout our Customer Care Team a holler if you need anything else in the process.