The 3 meanings of HiRoad.

An inside peek at the brand.

Have you ever had to come up with a name for a company? Or maybe an event, a product, or anything else? Turns out, when you’re trying to reinvent insurance, finding a great name is pretty hard.

When we were first building the company, we talked to many people around the country about insurance, to figure out key problems to solve and key benefits to provide. As things came together, we tried a variety of names to capture aspects of the brand as it came together. After wading through different names and purposes, eventually, we arrived at HiRoad®. And, if you’re a HiRoad customer, you’re probably thoughtful about your brands. That’s why we wanted to share this post: to explain the three meanings of HiRoad, and to make ourselves publicly accountable to you for what we’re trying to live up to.


1. A more virtuous path

The expression “taking the high road” is crucial to how we approach life and business. It’s everything from putting the grocery cart back in the corral, to taking the extra step to separate your trash and recycling, to cleaning up after your dog. It’s doing the right thing for its own sake, often with nobody watching. It’s being a little more thoughtful, a little more intentional, a little more mindful. In our talks with people, it became clear that mindful people not feeling recognized and rewarded was one of the central challenges with insurance. We knew that if reinventing insurance were going to matter, we had to reward the people taking the high road. So our model now is designed to benefit people who drive better and drive less.


If you’re a HiRoad customer, you’re probably thoughtful about your brands.


2. Optimism and openness

Another way you can read our name is “Hi, road!” This combines a friendly, conversational greeting, with an excitement about adventures, experiences, and what’s around the corner. Because after all, we believe the world is calling us to explore. To state fairs, street food, and things worth silencing your phone for. To getting out there–whether that’s to a new coffee shop, or a new country. You can see this optimism in our photography and illustration styles, and in the upward slope of our logo mark. See you on the road!


3. High-quality insurance

But of course, all of these cheerful intentions and good values don’t mean much if your customer experience is bad. So we know we have to have customer care that puts a smile on people’s faces, a claims process that is surprisingly transparent and painless, an intuitive and useful app, FAQs that actually answer your Qs, verbiage that sounds like a normal person, and all the other qualities you expect from your favorite brands.

We’re not there yet. And it’s a journey we’re on for life. But now you know where we’re going, and we hope you’ll join us on the way up.