Let's drive good.

We’re starting by re-engineering insurance to reward, empower, and celebrate mindful living. But where HiRoad® is going is a future where the preventable has been prevented.

About us

Why we're here

It’s not just about starting another insurance company — it’s about something much bigger.

That something is raising a flag for the unsung heroes like you. The people who are living a little better, choosing a little smarter, being a little more thoughtful about your impact on the world.

That’s why we’re called HiRoad: we stand for optimistic greetings, more thoughtful choices—and a new and rewarding way to do insurance, where doing the right thing pays off for all of us.

You ready? Let’s head up.

Strong roots

HiRoad® is a separate company in the State Farm® family of companies. We’re fully licensed, A-rated and here to stay.

Solid connections

We’re working with local nonprofits to build a better tomorrow, on the road and around your town.

Secure details

We use 256-bit end-to-end encryption, rigorously tested data centers, and more to protect your info.

Our Team

It's nice to meet you.

We come from ten countries, but share one purpose: creating a better future, starting with reinventing insurance. We’re developing the app, but you will be the ones to help define and improve the HiRoad. Since we’re small, we listen often, learn well, and work fast.

Photo collage of HiRoad employees

Help build the HiRoad.

It takes a special crew to create the future: customer care, data science, design, engineering, insurance, product, research, user experience, and more. We hire the best (and pay accordingly), participate at industry events, and share our work with our communities.

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Want to chat?

For questions, claims, and general press inquiries– visit our contact page and let's connect.

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Illustration of mobile app icon to smart phone

Get more; get mobile.

Behavior based discounts, personalized service, simple explanations, and everything right there on your phone.

Illustration of smiling man with ribbon on chest

It pays to be you.

We think good driving should be celebrated and rewarded every month. So we built our business model that way.

Illustration of three people holding hands raised above their heads

The power of choice.

For us, success means helping Rhode Island communities by incentifying smart driving. But that’s just the beginning.