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This Summer’s Ripple of Impact.

HiRoaders are a diverse group of people that are interested in a broad range of things, each person holding a unique perspective. The more we get to know our community, the more we see a common thread playing out – when we come together, good things happen.

Newport Folk Festival & HiRoad.

Connecting with the community is high on our priority list. Whether it’s showing support by attending a local event, buying produce and groceries from our local farms, or putting our HiRoad Green team to use cleaning up our city streets, getting our hands dirty (both figuratively and literally speaking), is what we love to do. 

Life on the HiRoad: Let’s talk about bikes.

There are plenty of things to like about working at HiRoad. Our mission to create positive change in the world. Leadership who is committed to providing opportunities for growth and innovation. Tasty snacks.