Innovative Brands That Use Technology to Make an Impact.

There are 1,440 minutes in each day. In every one of those minutes, we’re faced with all kinds of choices: what socks and shoes to wear, how to get to work, what speed to drive on the interstate, what to cook for dinner.

These choices, though seemingly small, have a significant impact in our  lives, our communities and the world we share.

As consumers, we’re also faced with a myriad of choices when it comes to the brands we support. Fortunately for us, we live in a time where brands understand that the products and services they offer can deliver the technology-driven convenience we crave without sacrificing our values and desire to do the right thing. In fact, more and more brands are using their platform to create innovative offerings that personally reward customers and drive them toward reaching a greater good.

So, we pulled together a list of some of our personal favorites.

Brands Using Technology to Provide Convenience With a Conscience


Car maintenance tasks like getting your oil changed and having your car washed are not quite synonymous with socially conscious choices, but innovative tech brand Spiffy created a way to make getting a car wash a smart choice that can impact the world for good. Schedule a wash from their app, they arrive with the power and water, and you pay when they leave. On top of their convenience, Spiffy uses about half the water as a traditional car wash and their products are safe for the environment and their customers.


Many people dread grocery shopping. Busy aisles and packed parking lots make choosing locally sourced foods inconvenient. The Instacart app frees up time, allowing you to shop many local stores at the same time, so you can compare products and prices at different stores, select what you want, and have it delivered to your door — all in as little as one hour. You’ll spend less time doing the things you dread and more time with the things you love.


HiRoad has reinvented car insurance to reward customers for smart driving choices. Our technology looks at good driving choices and rewards customers with discounts. Not only is this great for the driver, but the more people using it the bigger impact it has on our roads. By rewarding customers for making smart driving choices, HiRoad instills a spirit of mindfulness that perpetuates itself into the community.

Capsule Pharmacy

So much of our lives rely on voicemail autobot messages and generic email notifications that talking with a person face to face can feel strange. Capsule Pharmacy is redefining the prescription and refill experience by hand-delivering medications to your door. No more standing in lines, innovative predictive inventory software to ensure your medicine is in stock when you need it, access to a pharmacist, and hand-written notes and care packages create the bed-side manner pharmacies have been missing for far too long. Capsule is a brand that rewards you with convenience and good feelings all around.

Brands Using Technology to Empower Sustainable Commerce


As brands grow, so does their call to social responsibility, and ride-sharing app Lyft is no exception. Last year Lyft announced that all rides were now carbon-neutral, by directly funding emission mitigation efforts. Their mission goes beyond improving people’s lives by providing access to convenient transportation alternatives and looks to create a more sustainable world.


Choosing brands that benefit the community can come down to something as simple as the socks you wear. Bombas’ mission is simple as well — provide the most requested item at homeless shelters, socks, to those in need. For every pair you buy, they donate a pair. Oh and not to mention, they are insanely comfortable. Win, win.

Arcadia Power

Clean energy sounds nice. But in reality, not everyone can afford solar panels on their home and, for the most part, people pay their utility bill every month without giving it a second thought. Arcadia Power sought out to uncomplicate the clean energy choice and built a solution that connects consumers to local community solar projects. They take the guesswork out of it by purchasing renewable energy certificates for you and applying them on your behalf, making your utility more sustainable every month.


Shopping ethically and sustainably is a hot topic recently and an area in need of innovation. Online clothing retailer Everlane built their brand based on what they call radical transparency on their products, detailing the supply chain, factories, employees and price breakdown of every clothing product they sell.

Our 1,440 minutes a day continue to be filled with choices and we at HiRoad prefer to take advantage of every one of those minutes and make choices that benefit our community, and the world.

Innovative brands with new technology are paving the way for a more socially conscious group of consumers and we can’t wait to see what idea pops up next.