HiRoad LoDown: rental car coverage after an accident

It was a quiet Tuesday night. You were over at your friend’s house for dinner, but the evening quickly turned sour when you hit a deer on the drive home.

You felt awful about it, and your headlight and front bumper are all smashed. Since you got the Comprehensive coverage, your insurance will help cover it, but still, your car will have to be in the shop for two days. Now what? Do you have rental car coverage on your insurance?

Yes, fortunately, you’d also chosen rental car coverage when you got your insurance! With HiRoad, this coverage gives you up to $40 a day if your car isn’t driveable or being repaired (which could be a rental car, public transit, Uber, or a combination of those). HiRoad rental car coverage is good for up to 30 days, so this two-day rearview mirror repair will be no problem.

If you want to go with the rental car option, we have an arrangement in place with Hertz where we can set up a direct bill and rental reservation, so you have as little hassle as possible. Also, the rate of $40/day is enough for a full size car with Hertz (like a Chevy Malibu), which is helpful if you carpool, have kids to cart around, or just prefer a bigger car. If there’s another rental car company that is closer to your home or work, we can work with them as well.

But let’s say the Uber option is better for you; in that case you can use up to $40/day for rides. Just let your claims person at HiRoad know this is the way you want to go. Then we’ll set you up so when you take a ride it will be billed to us, up to the daily $40 amount.

So whether you decide on a rental car or Uber (it may depend on the nature of the claim and the repairs involved), with rental car coverage from HiRoad you should be able to go on with your life with a minimum of wasted time and annoyance.