Easy auto insurance quote with HiRoad.

You’re making your to-do list for the week and know your insurance went up recently, so you squint with one eye (and a little dread) “get auto insurance quote”.

Probably not up there with your favorite tasks for the week. But, with HiRoad, we’ve made our easy car insurance quote fast for you to see how much you could be recognized and rewarded for your good driving.

Our quote process is super quick; for most first-time insurance customers it takes only a couple minutes. Our quote process is also mobile-optimized and completely digital!


Auto insurance with HiRoad in a snap.

  • Quote & purchase can be done in only 2-5 minutes for most people
  • Coverage can be effective the same day
  • Insurance card and info right on your phone
  • Customer Care, roadside assistance, and claims just a few taps away

With HiRoad, you can research and buy online auto insurance while you’re on the bus, from the back seat of a tandem bike, up in a hot air balloon . . . basically anywhere you have your phone and web access. All you need is a credit card — no phone calls, appointments, or having to go anyplace or talk to anyone. Also, unlike some others, with us the price you see online is the price you get. You don’t have to call confirm that’s really your price.

Another great thing about buying auto insurance online with us is that it really can be effective as soon as you buy. And once you’re a customer, you’ll have your insurance card and other info right where you need it: on your phone. Plus, roadside assistance, Customer Care, and claims are just a few taps away. Finally, an easy car insurance quote.

But beyond all the reasons that buying car insurance online with us is quick and convenient, what makes HiRoad different is that we’re reinventing insurance to recognize and reward mindful people like you. We believe that you’re a good person, and a good driver, and we want to recognize and reward you for it. By incentifying smart driving, we not only allow you to get the better rate you deserve, we’ll also together create safer commutes and communities. It’s good for your wallet, and good for the world.

See you online, and see you on the way up.